Elevate the conversation

The full service experience

How it all comes together

The Support Suite is designed with agents in mind, putting multiple channels and relevant context all in one place. It’s a unified agent workspace — helping your team provide a faster, more personal experience to your customers.

Product Photo: Simulated dashboard with agent chat open.
Product Photo: Dashboard with sidebar overlay, showing ticket asignee and followers.
Product Photo: Customer details overlayed on dashboard.
Product Photo: Timeline of customer interactions, overlayed on a dashboard.
Keep it all together

Unify your conversations across channels, like chat, email, voice, and messaging for faster replies.

Track and prioritize interactions

Track and prioritize each customer interaction for faster follow up and resolution.

See your customer clearly

See relevant customer details, including from external profiles.

Pull in previous events

Pull info on previous events and conversations, including from external systems.

High Quality Conversations

Smooth for your customers

Product Photo: Agent and customer chat window.

Social messaging

Let customers engage with you from the comfort of their favorite messaging apps — for example, WhatsApp, WeChat, LINE, Facebook Messenger, and Twitter Direct Messages. It’s not just convenient, it’s exceptional service.

Voice and SMS

For complex problems—like re-booking a flight or placing an order for ten different people—customers often call to get more personalized support. Zendesk Talk makes it easy and efficient for agents to help customers over the phone or via text.

Live chat and embedded support

Sometimes, customers just need quick access to a real person. With Zendesk Chat, you can proactively engage customers in real-time, putting support directly into your website or mobile app.

Self-service and knowledge base

Let customers help themselves with knowledge base content and a customized, mobile responsive help center for your business. You can create paths for different customers, too. Specify who has access to what knowledge, and tailor experiences across multiple brands, products, and languages (currently, over 40). It’s all in Zendesk Guide.

Powerful tools

Sophisticated for your business

Product Photo: Agent and customer chat window.

Customer context

Give agents the relevant information they need to provide faster, more personalized responses. The essentials card displays relevant customer details on the customer your agent is serving, and interaction history gives agents visibility into all previous customer events.

Analytics and reporting

Support can happen anywhere, and it’s important to have a customer analytics tool that can keep up. Zendesk Explore integrates data from every channel, so you can measure how customers interact with your brand without losing the thread.

Business rules and routing

Get the best person for the job. Apply skills-based routing to assign the right agent to the conversation, or set triggers and automations to initiate a workflow based on certain conditions. Use them out of the box, or customize them to your specific needs.

Extend your support

Use the app marketplace to integrate with hundreds of tools for things like workforce management and agent productivity, or use our open and flexible CRM platform Sunshine to connect and understand data from external sources.

Invest in knowledge

Smarter than (just) support

Product Photo: Agent and customer chat window.

Superpowered agents

Self-service doesn’t end when an agent gets involved. Give your team access to instant knowledge to help your customers. Agents can respond to common requests with predefined macros, and leverage AI-powered article recommendations — right inside their ticket.

Capture knowledge from anywhere

Empower your team to contribute to your knowledge base. Agents can provide feedback on knowledge, use approval and publishing workflows, and can schedule reviews to get the right people involved in article creation and upkeep.

Let AI find opportunities

Make sure your help center is hitting the mark with AI-powered suggestions from Content Cues. Lean on machine learning — it can provide suggestions to create new articles and update existing ones. That’s a little less pain in managing a growing knowledge base.