Zendesk Partners

Let’s work together

A flexible, value-based program provides the tools and support you need to get the business gains you want.

Squad goals

Joining our program means being part of a community. It takes more than a great product to grow your business—which means we rely on our partners just as much as they rely on us. Whether you’re looking to create new revenue opportunities with existing clients, acquire new customers, build out apps, or all of the above, we’ve got the tools you need to make it happen.

Find your fit

No two businesses are the same, which is why our program is based on capabilities and contributions. Get your business in shape by choosing the option that works for you—we’ll spot you from there.

Affiliate Zendesk Partner

Everything you need to get up and running. You’ll get complete access to product, sales and technical training, go-to-market assets, and access to the Zendesk Referral program.

Select Zendesk Partner

All the benefits of the Affiliate Partner, but more gains. This includes go-to-market support, more engagement with the Zendesk Sales and Implementation teams, increased referral fees, and reseller and business process outsourcer discounts.

Master Zendesk Partner

For the truly committed, Master Partners are fully accredited partners with validated skills that are developed through a wealth of enablement resources. Master Partners includes all the benefits above with additional support and services, including additional financial incentives, a dedicated Zendesk partnership success team, and access to more leads, implementation, and development projects.

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Technology partners

The right equipment

Use apps and integrations that work with the tools your customers are already using. Our API and apps framework allow you to build pretty much anything.

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Partner directory

Stronger together

Work with a local partner to help your business integrate Zendesk solutions. Check out our partner directory to find a partner in your area.

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